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YWLP focuses on building the leadership skills of our mentors and mentees. We want each YWLP graduate to walk away from the program feeling inspired and confident.
Teamwork is one of our many recurring themes in YWLP. We believe that you must learn how to effectively work in a group and understand it's dynamics before you can lead.
Most great leaders are also great communicators, but communication comes in many forms. YWLP participants learn about verbal and non-verbal communication. YWLP also examines body language and cues.

Goal-Setting and Perseverance

Diversity and Inclusion

Healthy Habits

Setting goals and pushing yourself to achieve them is so important. But what happens when you fail? YWLP helps our participants learn how to create S.M.A.R.T goals and embrace our failures by trying again.
How can you lead a group if you don't understand how to identify diversity and promote inclusion? YWLP aims to help our participants understand many different types of people.
A healthy mind and body are essential for success. YWLP helps our participants learn a variety of coping mechanisms, as well as, how to make healthy decisions. 
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YWLP serves Dollar Bay, Hancock, and Houghton middle schools.